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Minnie Riperton – Loving you

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5 major takeaways from WooConf 2016

Between April 6-8, hundreds of store owners, developers, and ninjas descended upon Austin, Texas to do just one thing: eat tacos.

Okay, so maybe two things: eat tacos, and celebrate the world’s leading eCommerce platform at the second annual WooCommerce Conference (or as we lovingly call it, WooConf).

There’s already been a ton of coverage about WooConf 2016, and in the coming weeks we plan on making even more available, including speaker slides and session videos. But while you wait, we thought we’d give everyone a look at what our team took away from the event — specifically, the five biggest educational takeaways.

Dive on in to get a look behind the scenes at our second WooConf, and to learn a little bit more about the central themes that emerged from our speakers’ talks this year.

The goal of WooConf

We welcomed our attendees to WooConf 2016 with three guiding principles: learn, develop, and sell.

The goal of our second conference was to give both store owners and developers using WooCommerce an opportunity to learn more about their chosen platform in a truly unique setting, surrounded by fellow experts and fans alike. We also wanted to give everyone an opportunity to expand their horizons, whether that meant connecting with our (awesome!) sponsors or networking with fellow attendees.

WooConf aimed to be a great opportunity to connect, learn, and develop your skills, whether you were a store owner just starting out or an experienced developer.

With these goals in mind, we offered WooConf attendees two full days of sessions, plus a bonus third day with optional workshops and a networking lunch. And there was, of course, a happy hour and afterparty! Everyone had plenty of opportunities to learn, connect, and have a blast.

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