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Ω Lacto-Relief + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Excellacor 90 capsules

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Eat E-Z Gluten+

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Ω Excellacor + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Ω Serracor-NK vs. Neprinol

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Clean E-Z Candida


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Ω Ultimate Metabolic Formula + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Excellacor & Serrapeptase 80,000 SU

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Ω Vida-Defense + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Ω Serracor-NK + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Ω Gluten Relief + Floracor-GI + FREE Digest-GI

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Corporate Information

About AST Enzymes

AST Enzymes is a leading enzyme manufacturer providing healthcare professionals and consumers with pharmaceutical-grade enzyme supplements for cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, joint, digestive and colon health.

We are a true enzyme manufacturer: one that formulates and creates enzyme supplements, not simply encapsulates and bottles them.

AST Enzymes’ all-natural, vegetarian supplements provide relief and maintain good health without the common side effects of antibiotics and NSAID drugs. We use only non-genetically modified, natural ingredients, tested by our industry-leading team of scientists and experts to ensure you receive the highest quality, activity, purity and safety.

AST Enzyme blends are formulated by our expert enzymologist Vic Rathi, who has more than 35 years of experience in enzyme research, technical innovation and development of hundreds of efficacious formulas for the enzyme industry.

The supplements are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and GMP-certified facilities using our Bioactive Protein Peptide System (BPPS™), a manufacturing process that improves enzyme absorption, stability and bioavailability – allowing us to bring you the highest quality, most effective systemic enzyme therapies.

Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies, USA (SEB)

Since 1985, Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies Co. (SEB) has emerged as a worldwide leader in the production of plant, microbial and animal-based enzymes and has continued to grow with that same entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in bringing nature to science. With environmentally-friendly biotechnology as our base, our extensive research advances have led to the development of more than 400 unique enzyme products, making SEB a major supplier in raw material, customized blends and branded products to more than 25 industries worldwide. Focusing largely on the Northern American, Southern American and European continents, Specialty Enzymes manufactures enzymes and probiotics, both of which add value to our client’s endeavors and enhance the quality of life for all. As one of the few true manufacturers in the industry, our technical enzyme experts create solutions for virtually any application where the catalytic power of enzymes can be used. Whether it is through one of our proprietary blends, one of our 1000 custom formulations, or even a formulation that needs to be customized, we at Specialty Enzymes take pride in helping you create the enzyme solution you need.


Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd., India (AETL)

AETL was established primarily as a Biotechnology company with the purpose to provide natural and eco-friendly solutions to industries worldwide. Subsequently, AETL has developed as the largest manufacturer of Industrial Enzymes in India. AETL takes pride in creating and providing only eco-friendly solutions to their customers in over 30 countries worldwide, primarily servicing the eastern hemisphere. Working closely with the Asian and African continents, we pride ourselves with domain expertise in enzymes, probiotics, and over 180 dedicated professionals working to advance the study and integration of enzymes. Through our solid state and submerged fermentation techniques, we are one of the few global companies who produce a full spectrum of enzymes derived from all four natural origins: Plant, Vegetable, Fungi & Bacteria.

With AETL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001:2000 and WHO cGMP certified, the company has been valued to have investments worth over $20 million. And utilizes their facilities to provide enzyme & probiotic solutions worth over $100 million annually.


Advenza (Advanced Vital Enzymes Ltd.), India

Advenza is a subsidiary of Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. and is part of SEB Group, USA. As AETL’s human healthcare division launched in 2008, Advenza is responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing enzyme based products to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries globally.  Its sole purpose is to serve humanity by providing natural solutions in healthcare through the use of enzymes.


Advanced EnzyTech Solutions Ltd., India (AESL)

AESL caters solely to the processing industries: Textile, Pulp & paper and Leather. Launched in 2008, AESL is responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing enzyme based solutions for these industries. Having a developed integrated research department and large manufacturing scale, AESL’s goal is to publish what it discovers and bring cost-effective products to these growing markets. Having dedicated and knowledgeable sales personnel located in major industrial hubs of India, Bangladesh, China and the USA, AESL continues to evolve through innovation and committed customer care.


Fame State International Trading Company, Hong Kong (Fame)

Fame, a subsidiary of Advanced Enzymes, is dedicated solely to serving the Chinese market and in a short span has already built up a very credible and sustainable business in China. As Advanced Enzymes’ Chinese arm, it is currently focused on serving primarily the Food Processing and the Animal Healthcare verticals. Going forward it will also focus on the Industrial Processing and the Human Healthcare verticals.

Advanced Bio-Agro Tech. Ltd., India (BioAgro)

BioAgro, a subsidiary of Advanced Enzymes, caters solely to the animal healthcare vertical primarily consisting of: Poultry, Cattle, Swines, Pets and Aqua industries. Launched in 2007, BioAgro is responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing enzyme based solutions for the animal healthcare industry. BioAgro has established itself as a leader in poultry enzyme solutions in the Indian sub-continent and has also reached out to large south-east-asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Phillipines.

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